Unleashing Anime Magic: Apparel & Kids’ Bags Exclusively at Ashwhole Ideas!


Hello, Delhi’s Anime Lovers!

Ashwhole Ideas, where your anime dreams come to life, is back with another thrilling announcement! Over the years, our intricate wall lamps, lively fridge magnets, and authentic anime figures have found a special place in your homes and hearts. Now, it’s time to weave the same magic into your daily attire and your little one’s adventures.

The Excitement Unfolds on 10.21.2023 – Tomorrow at Select City Walk Mall!

As we open our new doors in the same iconic location, we’re also unveiling a diverse range of anime-inspired offerings:

  • T-Shirts: Dive deep into the anime universe with T-shirts that speak louder than words. Show off your favorite series or character in style.
  • Hoodies: The perfect blend of warmth, style, and fandom. Let the world know of your anime allegiance, especially during those chilly Delhi days.
  • Crocs: Slide into an anime escapade with every step. Our Crocs tell tales that every fan would love to walk in.
  • Lowers: The perfect balance between comfort and anime chic. Whether you’re heading out or settling in for a marathon watch session, we’ve got you covered.

And For Our Little Otakus…

We understand that the love for anime is ageless. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our exclusive range of Kids’ Bags. Crafted with love and sprinkled with anime magic, these bags are perfect for school, playdates, or any adventure your young one embarks upon. Let them wear their anime pride, making every day a tad bit more magical.

Join the Anime Renaissance with Ashwhole Ideas

Our store expansion and the exciting new product lines are a testament to our love for anime and our commitment to our wonderful community of fans. We’re not just offering products; we’re offering experiences, memories, and a way to wear your passion.

Delhi, the world of anime awaits you! We invite you to celebrate with us tomorrow at Select City Walk Mall. Step into our universe and let’s make every day anime-tastic!

Be there. Be Anime. Be Ashwhole.


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